5 Different Types of Fireworks in Devon for Various Types of Events

September 25th, 2020

The display of sparklers, crackers, and fireworks in Devon are the best ways to express excitement and happiness. Every firework display has a special meaning behind it. As the universal symbol of celebration, our expert designers in Celebration Pyrotechnics provide various types of sparkles, shells, and crackers. Take a look at some firework displays:

  1. Traditional Sparklers

Traditional firework is one of the common sparklers that are either made of wood or metal. These types of sparklers can often be displayed in outdoor events and backyard of your house.

You may also enjoy this type of firework display in local shows and parties. It can be displayed at weddings and birthday parties. It is originated from old England, and now it is globally popular.

  1. Colour Sparklers

It is quite similar to traditional brethren – one of the most bright-shaded wedding and party fireworks in Devon. If you want to add both lights and a lot of hues in your wedding party, colour sparklers and shells are the best options to delight your guests.

Along with the wedding, these fireworks display can add excitement to the New Year celebration and Christmas Eve. Celebrate your occasions and festivals with colour.

  1. LED Fireworks

LED sparklers or fireworks can eliminate the risk of fire or injury. They are designed in a small shape of crackers. It is a light firework display that has fiddling and lighting effects instead of fire.

While talking about the LED firework, it is necessary to check the brand and the quality of the company. It is a hassle-free way to raise firework display with aesthetic colours and brightness.

  1. Bottle or Cake Sparklers

For birthday parties and anniversaries, birthday cake sparklers and fireworks are often used. These fireworks are often used in indoor areas, such as the bars and discs. This type of firework can fit onto any bottle easily.

The overall design, display style, and the regular spark create a shower effect like a regular sparkle. You can easily attach it with a glass bottle in a unique style. Most of the people like the style because of its uniqueness.

  1. Smokeless Sparklers

If you want to control pollution in your area, you should choose a smokeless wedding and party fireworks. The sparklers also have the special quality and approach of a colour display with the brightness.

It is always important to increase the intensity of the lighting in the firework and shells. So, you can use environment-friendly fireworks with the help of smokeless fireworks in your area. Be smart to enjoy as an aesthetic firework display along with the beautiful theme and smokeless brightness.

Final Thoughts

Going through the above-mentioned fireworks in Devon can help you decide which one to include in your parties. Our experts at Celebration Pyrotechnics can provide you the above-mentioned fireworks with a beautiful display.

If you want to choose our service, you can call us at 01208-78790. You may also email us at tom@celebrationpyrotechnics.com. We are ready to provide you various types of services that you want for your parties.